Protection of the Insured against any claims made by third parties in case when the Insured is legally liable for caused bodily injury (personal damage) or property damage of a third party arising from the events, that happened while operation of the premises and/ or in connection with business activity of the Insured.

Intended for

  • Small, medium and large national and international commercial and industrial companies.

Covered Risks

Insurance indemnity is a subject to all amounts in respect of which the Insured is legally liable to pay for the damage caused to the third party as a result of:

  • GENERAL CIVIL LIABILITY: operation of the premises and/or buildings, business activity including production, supply or sale of goods, performance of works, providing of services.
  • PRODUCT LIABILITY: product defects, failure in providing of services, performing of works by the Insured.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL LIABILITY: sudden and accidental pollution of the environmental.
  • EMPLOYERS LIABILITY: claims to the Insured as to the employer made by the employees (for the aims of this coverage employees acts as a third parties).
  • TENANT’S AND OWNER’S LIABILITY: losses as a result of a damage caused to the premises rented by the Insured and/or losses caused to the persons that are renting premises belongs to the Insured.
  • EVENT LIABILITY: losses caused as a result of or in connection to event organization or carrying out:
    • film, clips, TV-show, commercial films production;
    • sport event (race, content, etc.);
    • corporate event (presentations, meetings, workshops, etc.);
    • concerts, show;
    • exhibitions, workshops, seminars participation.
  • Plaintiff expenses reimbursement, in connection to the insured event.
  • Reimbursement of the attorney services, while the investigation and/ or trial.