Protection of the Insured against any claims made by third parties for indemnification of incurred financial (economic) losses as a result of mistakes (wrongful professional act) made by the Insured.

Intended for

Small, medium and large national and international commercial and industrial companies and self-employed professionals, providing services in the areas as follows:

  • IT companies.
  • Property management.
  • Audit and Accountants including financial statement consultancy, tax matters.
  • Lawyers including attorney, client interests representation in governments authorities and establishments, law application consulting, legal due diligence.
  • Designers and architectures including project planning of a building or its part, or restoration, supervision.
  • Insurance brokers and agents.
  • Estimators or surveyors.
  • Realtors.
  • Recruiting and HR consultants.

Covered Risks

  • Insurance indemnity is a subject to all amounts in respect of which the Insured is legally liable to pay for the damage caused to the third party as a result of mistakes (wrongful professional act) made in professional services providing.
  • Plaintiff expenses reimbursement, in connection to the insured event.
  • Reimbursement of the attorney services, while the investigation and/ or trial.